how birel helps users close deals

Functions and features. We transfer the entire process of finding partners and interaction into the hands of the members of the Birel network. This is a free platform where participants themselves choose what information to provide in the order and can also offer their amendments, changes and companies to the platform. Thus, we exclude the 3rd party in the form of an intermediary from the process.

- Transparency. Current orders are placed on the pages of companies in the form of a list. All past orders are visible on the company’s page in the history section at the bottom of the orders.

- Provide the basic conditions of your order to give the rest of the participants the necessary information to make a decision and narrow down the number of target contacts.

  • Terms of a deal on the value of the shares or the overall valuation of the company.
  • Volume, by the number of shares or the total value of the block.
  • Type of shares.
  • Structure of a deal: Direct SPV, Forward contract.
  • Description: clarify all the nuances of your order and the requirements for a potential buyer or seller, if any.

⁃ On the pages of the companies there is an opportunity to contact the participants who placed the orders, so the participants will be able to establish contact with each other directly, find mutually beneficial conditions, provide information about themselves and proceed to the deal process.

⁃ For confidentiality purposes, the orders do not display details about the participant who placed the order, this information is disclosed during direct communication between the two parties. As for the secondary market, many prefer to disclose information about themselves only to buyers with serious intentions.

⁃ The participant can subscribe to specific companies in order to receive timely notifications of new orders in them and not miss potential opportunities.

⁃ Analyze the demand and prices of assets based on requests for the purchase and sale of assets thanks to this, see the current price and liquidity of your assets.